12 June 2006

Electra Afternoon - For Him

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© B A Saunders

The Buick swims into the driveway,
its fins glistening in the sun
sinking behind the house across the street.
His two tries for a son
rush, flutter out to his feet,
their mutual end: to be first.

Pick me up,
spin me around till I get
real dizzy.
Me first, dad,
spin me around.

I remember being dizzy,
the warm breath of an expiring afternoon
around my neck and shoulders
in the whirl.

In the fading light of an older sun
you spin with me,
warm breath bathing my face
in an August afternoon;
spin me around till I'm dizzy;
and when the sun finally sets
I comb my hair with my fingers.
No one spins the way you do.

08 June 2006


Dear consumer:
Manufactured eons ago,
your puzzle, of the finest star stuff,
bits of lovers, soldiers, peasants and kings,
was cut with a fine diamond saw
at the most strategic junctures
to result in separations so sublime
they may have wept or bled
at the moment of separation.

Spread these delicate pieces,
strong and independent,
upon a surface, free of adhesions, attachments,
although some fine, white sand is acceptable,
vaulted by a summer sky.
Sort the pieces of your ruthless entertainment
into matching groups, according
to corners, edges, colours –
hopes, dreams and fears.

Find shapes that seem similar –
some may resist separation from loose attachments
that occurred in the shuffle of time;
some may cry out from the extremes,
longing for the match
they once dreamed about in childhood –
If you see these pieces
bring them together carefully,
old and recent cuts
will make them cautious.
Be patient, take time,
join as needed.

© B A Saunders
All rights reserved

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